Ready To Apply Step by Step Instructions

Simply Read From Left To Right.
After receiving your vinyl make sure you squeegee  the whole surface of the masked lettering or graphic for good sticking power!  Then measure out your application surface with a pencil (grease pencil pref.) Makes sure you take time.  A well thought out plan of attack goes along way.   Cutting down your masked vinyl makes the application easier not to mention some times its necessary.  Just make sure your cuts are straight for better registration during application.  Be careful and go slow.  Maybe practice a bit before you start. Once finished recheck your guidelines for registration. Don't go to dark though pencil lines show though. 

Flip masked edge to down side and remove backing.  If  letters are sticking to your mask, you have did a good job squeegeeing.  If letters are not adhering to the mask, turn back over and squeegee again.

After removing the backing, carefully take masked vinyl and this is a good way to find center. Be very careful here!  Vinyl Sticks to anything and easily gets damaged there's no fixing it.
Application of the vinyl to the substrate is a one shot deal when applying dry,  fortunately their is a application fluid which is sprayed on in a mist, that makes things a whole lot easier.  One drop of dish soap in a spray bottle works too.
Notice the center is the only thing stuck.  If I lay both sides down it is still perfectly lined up. I just found center on my masked vinyl and lined it up on my center pencil mark.  After finding center I lightly drop sides on substrate
After positioning, take squeegee and press center down then work to the outside using back and forth motion.  Your positioning is critical because once its down its a done deal.
Make sure you do a good job squeaking here,  Bubbles are your worst enemy. After your finished peel a corner and pull back, not up back. Once you start peeling back your mask, letters should release. If they don't back to the squeegee.
Installation of vinyl letters and graphics is a Art of it own.  With a little direction anybody can do it!

This should help you get a grip on Vinyl application.  Just remember accurate measurements are critical when ordering your vinyl letters or graphics.