Supplied Art Specification

          Fonts: We request that all files have fonts

converted to paths or outlines.  If this is not possible, we have a vast library of fonts that will match or be an adequate substitute. 

Bleeds:  Bleed borders must be 1/8" to 1/4" past your past your indicated cutting edge..  The base width is 1/8" or  proportionate to the size of the artwork. Inset borders must be 1/8" in from the cut edge. Posters and Signs may need a additional room for bleed when cutting, all fitting within the proportions.

Colors:  All digital files must have assigned colors that are named. Clearly Defined PMS  or  with Matching standard colors (red,blue,yellow,green,black).  Jobs that are not 4 Color Process should utilize spot colors only.

Files must be converted to curves or filled in black & white and scale sized. 

Computer file import formats: 


Hard Copy Artwork

  • Artwork should be camera-ready for best possible quality.

  • Glossy photographs or artwork should finish as close to 8.5" x 11" for best resolution.